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Consultancy and services

Consultancy and services

In its twenty-six years of operation, CGI provided its consular and other types of services and trainings to local governments, public institutions, citizens' associations, foundations, etc. 

CGI's range of services includes:

– Mentoring services of citizens' associations

– Preparation and implementation of research

– Preparation of studies

- Leading the process of preparing project applications

– Services for project implementation

– Leading the process for the preparation of programs

– Preparation of strategies 

Examples of past work:

- Mentoring services: Determining the state and needs of citizen associations, such as assessment and self-assessment of the organization, development priorities, assistance in creating association documents such as strategies, regulations, programs, etc. (taxi ;)

- Researches for the needs of CCI projects, namely for human rights, health, public administration, housing conditions, etc.

- Preparation of studies: Analysis of the situation in the area of ​​Roma housing in Prilep, Shtip and Chair (Habitat)

- Services of local governments in the preparation and implementation of projects: Novaci, Krivogashtani, Prilep

– Services for the implementation of projects: Municipality of Novaci, public institutions

- Preparation of programs and action plans: Action plan for the settlement of Trizla 2, Youth action plan, Local action plan for children's rights, Action plan for socially vulnerable persons, (Prilep, Krivogashtani, Dolneni, etc.)

- Preparation of strategies: Strategy for climate change - Prilep and Krivogashtani