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Our work...

Capacity building

In the course of our work we have developed and continue to develop our capacities in various fields, creating a spectrum of experts who can transfer knowledge to the desired target groups by organizing training for:

- Human rights

- Organizational development

- Project management

- Conflict resolution


- We use our resources to consult with various types of organizations to provide assistance throughout the development process.

Provision of legal aid

- Working for the community, we provide legal assistance to those victims who were unfairly treated by the police

We are raising awareness

– Промената може да се предизвика само доколку се обезбедат доволно информации на заедницата неопходни за да се стимулира промената. Поради тоа организираме различни видови на активности за подигање на свеста преку споделување на информации, образование, медиуми и активности за младите.


- We see prevention as the basis for overcoming problems on the path of community development . Many of our resources are dedicated to this prevention component in each of the specific parts of the program in our organization.

Development of tools and manuals

- Considering that learning is the basic pillar of change, we have learned from previous experiences and are developing tools and manuals in order to support the continuous learning process of our target groups.

Provision of services

– With our knowledge and experience, we offer our services to civil organizations and local government departments in the field of project management and local development.