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Target groups...

Our priority is always the community.

Children and youth

- Starting locally, as a civil organization, we primarily identified children and young people as the most important, most vulnerable and most in need of structured leadership that can bring change in society. Our work is dedicated to their education about human rights, democracy, civil society, providing them with the tools and understanding of people's rights and responsibilities in their path to development. We support them to take action in the community by organizing debates, campaigns, creatively approaching problems and sharing ideas. We support them in providing skills for conflict resolution, understanding cultural diversity and overcoming trauma by understanding the stories of the enemy and the cultural aspects of trauma.


– Equal opportunities as one of the basic values ​​is grounded in our work with women as a vulnerable group in our society. Considering the patriarchal-traditional society of the Balkans where stereotypes and prejudice are represented, women need the release of their mental abilities to become independent and have a meaningful voice in society.

Marginalized groups

- Inclusion of marginalized groups in society is one of the basic goals that we are constantly working on by directly supporting them through the human rights program and indirectly through civil organizations and institutions that target these groups.

Target groups

– Children and teenagers

– Teachers and professors in schools

– The population


Civil organizations

- From a local organization, we have grown into an organization that operates in the country and in the region, we continuously work on supporting and mentoring new organizations, helping them acquire skills and knowledge that will help them achieve their specific goals.

Public Administration and Government Institutions

- We identified the need for help and support for the work of the local self-government and the public sector, and at the same time we identified the needs for creating communication between citizens and employees in the administration.