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Many years ago I thought that building a civil society was an endless challenge that allowed everyone intellectual development. Years ago I started out with a strong belief that getting better and making the change would be enough. But as Indira Gandhi said "The power of the question is the basis of all human progress".

      Прашувајќи и истражувајќи се роди Центарот за граѓанска иницијатива. Како сите мали деца темпераментни во однесувањето и пофалени за амбициите мислевме дека       промената ќе се случи многу брзо, многу лесно. Набргу свативме дека општеството е жива клетка многу постара од нашите амбиции и предизвици кои мислевме дека лесно ќе ги постигнеме. Наскоро малото темпераментно дете започна да созрева. Во една декада на работа, Центарот за граѓанска иницијатива ги реализира таквите вредности како што се еднаквост за сите мажи и жени, почитување и правда кои не се најлесни правци кои треба да се следат.

          It was never about hard work, it was never about endless nights and investing energy in carefully chosen challenges, but it was always about commitment and asking. The education of the environment about the importance of democracy and good education, about human rights, and the importance of creating a strong civil sector is still the leading force that moves the CGI in its existence and the influences it has in the environment where it operates.

            The change that we have achieved in our 20 years of work is placed in the pillars of management and a strong belief in the challenges to bring them to fruition.

         The transition period in the Republic of Macedonia and the political conditions in the Western Balkans brought foreign aid from the countries of the European Union and the United States of America. The importance of creating a strong and healthy civil society was promoted through the support of civil society organizations. As it unfolded, CGI began to address human rights problems through inclusion in a strengthened, more reliable education of citizens, began to create capacities for its staff, and today, for other non-governmental organizations, it also began to communicate with state institutions on a professional and serious level. .

        Заради својата целокупна работа, ЦГИ се здоби со доверба од донаторите кои постанаа сериозни партнери на ЦГИ во борбата за подобро општество и посреќни граѓани.  Во оваа насока сакам да и ветам на заедницата дека нова декада на промени само што започна.


Goce Todoroski, Executive Director