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Our first priority is and has always been the community…

Children and youth

– Starting locally, as a civil society organization, we have primarily identified the children and the youth as most important, most vulnerable and most in need of structured guidance group that can bring change in the society. We have dedicated our work to their education in human rights, democracy, civil society, providing them with the tools and understanding of the rights and the obligations of the humans in the path to their development. We are supporting them to take actions in the community organizing debates, campaigning, creative addressing of the problems and peer to peer transfer of knowledge. Moreover, we are supporting them in acquiring the skills of conflict management, understanding the cultural diversity and overcoming the trauma through understanding the stories of the enemy and the cultural aspects of trauma. We are continuously working on the support of the juveniles in the penitentiary system to prevent their returning and their reintegration in society.


– Equal opportunities as one of our basic values is needed in our work with the women as a vulnerable group in our society. Considering the patriarchal traditional society in the Balkan region stroked by the stereotypes and prejudice, the women are in need of liberation of their mindset in order to become an independent and loud voice in the community.

Marginalized groups

– Inclusion of the marginalized groups in the society is one of our final goals on which we are continuously working supporting them directly through the human rights program and indirectly through supporting the CSOs and the institutions that are further directly targeting them.

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)

– From local organization, we developed into an organization that works in the country and the region. We have been constantly working on support and mentorship of other civic organizations, helping them to gain the skills and knowledge that will help them in the achievement of their specific goals.

Public organizations and Governmental institutions

We have identified the need for helping and supporting Local Government work and the public sector, but at the same time, we have identified the need for creating communication among the citizens and employees of the administration.