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Build capacities

In the course of our work we have developed and continuing to develop our capacities in different spheres creating a spectrum of experts that can transfer the knowledge to the desired target groups by organizing trainings for:

– Human rights trainings

– Organizational development

– Project cycle management

– Conflict transformation


– We are using our resources for consultations for different types of organizations providing mentorship during the development processes.

Providing legal aid

–  Working for the community we are providing legal aid for victims of police ill-treatment.

Raise awareness

– Change can be produced only if we provide enough information to the community necessary to stimulate the change, therefore we are organizing different types of awareness-raising activities through information sharing, education, media and youth activities.


– We see prevention as the basis for overcoming the problems on the path of community development. A lot of our resources are dedicated to this preventive component in each specific part of our organization.

Develop tools and manuals

– Considering that learning is the main pillar of change, we learn from previous experiences and develop tools and manuals in order to support the continuous process of learning of our target groups.

Provide services

– With our knowledge and experience, we are offering our services to the civil society organizations and to the Local Self Government Units in the areas of project management and local development.