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Meeting with Representatives of Public Administration

        The participants of this meeting were representativesfrom the public administration in Prilep, which in addition to Prilep, is responsible for the Municipalities of Krivogastani and Dolneni. The participants were representatives from secondary and primary schools, ElderlyCare Home, HealthCenter, CenterforCulture, CityLibrary, kindergartens, Employment Agency, Inter-municipal Center for Social Work, civic associations, etc.

The participants of this meeting were representatives from the public administration in Prilep, which besides for Prilep, is responsible for the Municipalities of Krivogastani and Dolneni. The participants were representatives from secondary and primary schools, Elderly Care Home, Health Center, Center for Culture, City Library, Kindergardens, Employment Agency, Inter-municipal Center for Social Services, Civic Associations, etc.

At the meeting,was presented the CCI program for Public Administration and Local Self-Government. Afterwards was made an analysis of the public sector in the region. On this meeting were presented the needs of the public institutions that in the future CCI will take them into consideration for their programs and projects. Some of the needs were: personnel training, international exchange of experiences, infra-structural problems, partnerships in preparation and implementation of projects.

This meeting was part of the  CCI’s institutional support project, funded by the program CIVICA Mobilitas, that contributed for strengthening the organization and increasement of the influence in the local environment.


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