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        In the program: Development of Civil Society sector CCI has 18 approved projects, implemented on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia and the Balkan countries. There are more than 10 donors for the implementation of the projects in this program.


The beginnings (1997 – 2003)

       Emanating from the community, starting in a period with weak or non-existing civil society sector, we have set this program on two pillars: CCI capacity building and capacity building of other civil society organizations.

     Training activities – the lack of knowledge of the young enthusiasts in defining and implementing of civil initiatives developing of programs and projects inspired us to use the experiences of foreign trainers implementing training activities initially to our staff, creating a spectrum of experts on project cycle management, strategic planning and fundraising the region.

       Macedonian Documentation and Information Center – we have created a database of Balkan civil society organization that work in the field of the human rights and civil society enabling communication and contacts among the civil society organizations, providing an open field for networking and sharing of experiences. These were our beginnings in empowering of the civil society organization for networking and information sharing.


2004 – 2009

For our organizational development needs, this period we have been working on:

        Institutional development of CCI – supported and recognized as one of the leading organization by donors, we have been supported in the processes of strategic development, own working space and team of experts eager to upgrade and share their knowledge with the others.  

     Re-granting and mentored capacity building of CSOs – having a good organizational management, project cycle management and fundraising we have dedicated our work on mentoring of the development process of civil society organizations in the region through local small grants scheme practising the effective method of learning by doing, as it has proven to be the most effective in the CSO development process.

       Networking – considering the importance of joint addressing of the community problems and priorities we have underlined the importance of networking through support of existing and newly created networks in the region, through specially made training according to the needs of the network members. We have also been members of different networks within the country and the region.

Current and future perspectives

       Within the last years, the civil society in the Republic of North Macedonia and in the Balkan region was faced with constant development and change of the priorities in the communities and we are proud that we have contributed to this current situation. Nevertheless, there is much more to be done in this line. Currently and in the future, we will continue with:

        Institutional development and capacity building – this is a cross-cutting theme in our constant work, not only connected with this program, but has its branches within the other programs of the organization. We will continue with constant modification of our knowledge and expertise and sharing that knowledge with others

      Cooperation among the civil society and the local authorities – the society has come to the point when is starting to recognize the importance of joint work for addressing the problems. Therefore, we have started to support cooperation with the local government in sharing the responsibilities for providing services to the community.

        Service provision for capacity building of CSOs – we have the tendencies to use our capacities and resources in provision of services for the local civil society organizations as per their needs. We are organizing training and supporting them in the work in the field of organizational development and strategic planning.