Roma Social Housing program in Kichevo

Information regarding the implementation of the project “Roma Social Housing program in Kichevo” funded by the European Union…


Implementation of the project “Roma Social Housing program in Kichevo”.


Timeframe: 01.01.2021 до 31.12.2023


Funded by: Еuropean Union


Location of the project: Municipality of Kichevo


Aim of the project:

Improving the living conditions of the Roma community in Kichevo. 30 endangered Roma families are going to be chosen to be the owners of the newly built social apartments.


Planned activities:

     – Pilot program development for social housing of the Roma community;

     – Activating the beneficiaries (business sector, local self-government, Ministry of labor and social politics, Center for social work) to support the implementation of the project;

     -Public call to apply for the program, that will be made available by local media for the Roma community;

     – Legal aid for the Roma families for the application and supplying them with the needed documentation of the program;

     – Selection process for direct beneficiaries of the program;

     – Building the social buildings;

     – Aid in the process of moving in for the chosen families in the newly built apartments.



With the implementation of this projecct, the housing problem will be solved for at least 30 Roma families in Kichevo.


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